How to Anneal Brass

Annealing brass is a process used to soften the metal and improve its malleability. This can be especially useful for reloading ammunition or working with brass casings. The annealing process involves heating the brass to a specific temperature and then cooling it slowly to achieve the desired effect. Here’s a general guide on how to […]

Brass Cartridge Case Neck Annealing

Why do we want to anneal brass cartridge case neck?  Short answer, prolong brass life and improve accuracy.  Fire a round and the case neck expands in the chamber neck area about .010”.  Resize the case reduces the diameter.  Next the neck is expanded to receive a bullet.  Finally, upon bullet seating the neck expands […]

Brass Case Neck Annealing – The Right Way

brass case neck annealing

Brass Case Neck Annealing is incredibly beneficial, increasing brass life & improve accuracy.  The correct method is to quickly heat the neck to at least 700°F but no more than 800°F then allow it to cool.  It’s acceptable to water cool the brass but this doesn’t affect annealing in any way, the modern method is […]