Cartridge Case Neck Turning

For those who seek maximum accuracy from their rifle reloads turning your brass case necks is worth considering.  The eccentricity of neck brass is shown in the drawing below as an exaggeration, most cases have just one or two thousandths of an inch variance.  So, what’s the big deal here anyway you may ask.   The […]

Cartridge Case Shoulder Collapse

An interesting problem has come to light, reported by a person quite experienced in reloading ammunition.  This involved the shoulder of a new virgin brass case having the shoulder collapse in the process of seating a bullet.  The .300 Weatherby Magnum case pictured here cost a little over $2.00 delivered.  Two professional sources were contacted […]

Cartridge Case Dimensional Consistency

Cartridge Case Dimensional Consistency This is one in a series of short articles dealing with cartridge brass irregularities that can be improved.  Here are two slight improvements some precision reloaders perform in brass preparation.  Measuring the outside diameter of the rim on 10 quality .308 Win. cases at point A we see the dimensions below.  […]

Primer Seating

The function of seating the primer into a case when reloading seems to be a very basic reloading step not worthy of consideration.  That said there are several errors reported by reloaders that have occurred.  The first is a primer complete flip around in seating and somehow inserted backwards with the priming compound visible.  In […]

Brass or Aluminum Ammo Case, which is best?

Here we have brass on the left and aluminum case ammo on right.  The choices between aluminum and brass case ammo largely depends upon availability, price and your application.  Billions of rounds have been produced with brass cases.  Aluminum cases appeared in the 1980’s.  Aluminum case ammo to the best of the authors knowledge has […]


First insert the gage into your caliper or a height gage, at this point set your caliper or dial indicator to read 0.  Next insert a .47-70 case into the gage.  Measure again and read the actual thickness of your rim.  Optionally if you have a case, you consider as your optimum standard, put that […]


In 2008 I had about 1000  7.62mm X 51 military cases, some from match rifles, others from machine guns all needing annealing.  Shopping revealed annealers from $500.00 to $800.00 +, way over budget for a device performing one function.  Having tool & die design background work began for a practical, fast, & affordable case annealer.  […]


We recently had a customer call with a problem.  He purchased a 2 oz. bottle of 750 °F. Templiaq to verify proper brass case neck annealing temperature.  This bottle was received about a year prior, when opened, the Tempilaq was solid.  Tempilaq is manufactured with a lot of solids, the liquid in the mix had […]


First keep your ammunition in a location that is DRY, COOL & DARK.  There is a right and wrong way to store ammunition?  Some people may put their ammo in a car trunk or garage, this can lead to reliability and performance issues.  If your ammo is intended for personal or home protection, you most […]

20mm Vulcan Case Annealer

        20mm ~ A Really Big Boomer! We received a call recently with a very unusual request.  The shooter on the other end of the line wanted to know if we could make a very special Anneal-Rite unit.  This fellow is a deputy sheriff and an avid big gun enthusiast.  Seems he […]