Periodically a simple device will greatly out-perform the complex.  The Anneal-Rite cartridge case neck annealing unit accomplishes this.  It is free of electronics, motors, computer chips, circuit boards, LED readouts, switches, dials, with no electrical component to fail.


The fact is the vast majority of reloaders annealing brass cartridge case necks don’t process thousands or even hundreds of cases at a time.   After each personal range trip this shooter will have 20 to 50 cases to be neck annealed.  When the first unit was invented, the prototype was used to anneal 1,000 .308 Win. cases and even this large quantity went fast and smooth with perfect results.  The stated annealing rate is 500 to 600 cases per hour this is very conservative.  In a recent session 95 – .223 cases were neck annealed with the timed production rate being 840 cases per hour. 


Several years back a customer called, ordered an Anneal-Rite, then stated he had purchased a motor driven unit spending over $800.00.  He had a fellow shooter lined up anxious to buy it.  The reason our customer wanted the Anneal-Rite in his own words were, “I can set up the Anneal-Rite. process 50 to 100 cases and put it away before I get the other unit adjusted”. 



Simplicity. Speed, Efficiency, Affordability, with guaranteed perfect neck annealing results every time are the benefits of the Anneal-Rite, 750º F. Tempilaq furnished with each unit for perfect temperature control.  The Anneal-Rite is the answer, treat yourself and save some $$$.  View the video, you will clearly see its advantages.