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                                                 Why should I anneal my cartridge brass? 

Cartridge brass annealing extends case life and provides uniform case neck tension on the bullet, which improves accuracy.  Without cartridge brass annealing rifle cases will normally fail with a cracked neck after 5 to 8 firings or visual inspection will indicate impending failure.  Cartridge brass annealing is 100% safe, consistent, fast and perfect using the Anneal-Rite.  In use the case neck is quickly heated to 750F then removed to cool, without annealing the case head.  The Anneal-Rite includes a bottle of 750-degree F. Tempilaq© heat indicating liquid, it is guaranteed accurate to within + - 7 ½ deg.  Most rifle cases have about 5% brass weight in the neck, when removed from the flame, 95% of the brass is dissipating the heat, which is being absorbed by the Anneal-Rite aluminum cartridge case holder preventing case head annealing.  The Anneal-Rite successfully anneals cases as small as .40 S&W pistol without annealing the case head, and gives perfect results on all cases up to and including the big .50 BMG.

   How often should I anneal my cases?

This depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  If you want to extend case life and are firing loads close to maximum, after 2 shots.  For medium to mild loads after 3 shots.  Those wanting optimum accuracy should anneal after every shot.

  Guaranteed Performance!

Using the Anneal-Rite you can anneal 500 to 600 cases per hour at 750 F.  SAFELY - CONSISTENT - FAST - PERFECT.  The Anneal-Rite includes, base stand, two propane bottle holders, one 750 F. bottle of Tempilaq© heat indicating liquid, one cartridge case holder you choose, CLICK CARTRIDGE CASE HOLDER LIST BUTTON for selections.  Wood turning knob and axle complete the unit.  BernzOmatic propane torches, additional cartridge case holders, cartridge case organizer, the off ramp and many other items optionally available.  For additional information email info@cartridgeanneal.com or call (479) 629-5566.

Ultimate Cartridge Check System Perform 14 Different Measurements To Produce  Precision Ammunition, optionally available with the digital indicator shown at right. Both indicators come with 3 removable points.  

A recent customers email
I received your Anneal-Rite unit today.  Let me tell you that I am impressed with the simple design and the ease of annealing cases.  I read the instructions and watched the video on line and found that it was as easy as demonstrated in your video. I annealed 150 .308 cases in less than a half  hour.    William ~ West Memphis, AR

Spin polish 100% exterior of rifle cases including head &  extraction groove.  Primer pocket can be cleaned while spinning.  Insert and remove cases without stopping case spinner.  Scotchbrite ultra fine pads and 00000 steel wool optionally available.    Your cases will look BETTER THAN NEW!

Tempilaq Thinner , 2 Oz. Bottle

BernzOMatic pencil flame propane torches.  These are the best choice to use with the Anneal-Rite.  We flame test every torch we sell before mailing.  One torch $14.99, two for $29.00.

"THE OFF RAMP" a handy accessory directing cases away from the drop area, increasing efficiency.  In use a cotton towel is placed on the ramp.   (Anneal-Rite, cases, and torches not included). ONLY $4.95

We stock a variety of Sinclair items, shoulder bump gages, bullet comparators,  primer pocket uniforming tools. 


If dissatisfied for any reason,  return items free of damage within 14 days of receipt for a refund, less delivery S&H.  We accept Visa, Discover and Master Card.  Title passes to purchaser upon mailing.


I recently received your Ultimate Cartridge Check System that I read about in Handloader Magazine.  I am very pleased with the purchase of your product.  It exceeds both the article’s review and my expectations.  I have used a number different concentricity gauges over the years in the manufacturing of custom ammunition.  Your product is considerably better than what I have been using and superior to any other product, of its kind, presently on the market.  The Ultimate Cartridge Check System is of industrial quality and seemingly built to last a life time of continual use. Truly a very durable measuring device.  I appreciate its versatility as well as the speed and ease of use with its digital indicator.  Thank you for making available such a quality measuring instrument.

Stephen Holtz, Owner / Operator
American Custom Cartridge

The setup is Great, and the Ultimate cartridge Check System with digital indicator is slick.  - Michael C.

Ten sizes available from .40 S&W Pistol up to .50 BMG, for complete list click the Cartridge Case Holder List.

To measure bullet ogive or seating depth of loaded ammo to bullet ogive purchase the appropriate caliber Sinclair Quick Sort Comparator.  We also stock the Sinclair Hex shaped 6-way bullet comparators, inventory list at shopping cart. 

To measure cases headspace you need a Sinclair Bump Gage.  For loaded ammo add the Sinclair 749-011-959 Bump Gage Body.

We make .22L.R., .45-70 & 45-90 headspace gages, if the customer desires this measurement. 

All accessories listed on our shopping cart, once there, click on the Ultimate Cartridge Check System photo.

Anneal-Rite, Off Ramp &  Cartridge Case Organizer, Made of Heavy 14 Gage Steel, Powder Coated.  Made In USA.

PRECISION DIGITAL INDICATOR 0-.5" range, reads to .0005", supplied with 3 points; 1 needle, 1 - 3/8" dia. flat and 1 ball.  Available with the Ultimate Cartridge Check System or separately.

                         INTERNATIONAL ORDERS WELCOME

Countries approved to date; Argentina, Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom. If your country isn't listed email your request, we will advise if approved for export. Once approved place your orders using our shopping cart, international transportation charge apply.  Orders sent by US Mail Priority Flat Rate Box, weight limit 20 lbs. per box.

Anneal-Rite II Cartridge Case Annealing Unit, shown w/optional torches.  Easily Anneal 500 - 600 Cases Per Hour Perfect Results Guaranteed - From $98.00

Tempilaq®, 2 Oz. Bottle, ​750 Deg.
Tempilaq®, 2 Oz. Bottle, ​450 Deg.
Cartridge Case Organizer II, holds over 100  .308 Win. cases plus all rifle and pistol cases.Greatly helps with application of Tempilaq.