20mm ~ A Really Big Boomer!

We received a call recently with a very unusual request.  The shooter on the other end of the line wanted to know if we could make a very special Anneal-Rite unit.  This fellow is a deputy sheriff and an avid big gun enthusiast.  Seems he had a single shot bolt action rifle made for the huge 20 mm Vulcan cannon round, which is about .79 caliber.  This case is just a few millimeters longer than the .50 BMG case and he felt we would be the perfect, if not the only firm capable of fulfilling his needs for a case neck annealing rig, and indeed we are. 

Due to the case rim diameter being 29.44mm which is 1.159″ this new design case holder would require fabrication from 1.5” square aluminum bar stock.  Our customer mailed us two empty Vulcan cases to be certain everything would be good to go.  We greatly appreciated this as you can’t find any 20mm Vulcan cases lying around on the ground at our local range.  As always we returned these cases with the completed order.

A bar of 1.5” aluminum stock was obtained and work began.  The special custom Anneal-Rite was completed with much labor spent in boring two holes to receive these cannon cases.  For all future orders we are now able to offer this huge 20mm Vulcan Anneal-Rite units as standard and have them in stock.  Future manufacturing is far more efficient as tooling has been obtained for production, reducing labor costs.  It became necessary to fabricate a custom wood turning knob and pin it to the 1.5” custom aluminum cartridge case as our standard wood turning knobs are 1.5” diameter. Therefore all orders for the 20mm Vulcan unit or case holder only come with a pinned turning knob.  Of course, as with all Anneal-Rite orders one 2 oz. bottle of 750°F. Tempilaq heat indicating liquid was included for precise neck annealing temperature control, its guaranteed accurate to +- 7.5°F. 

You can now find this Anneal-Rite for the 20mm Vulcan,  available on our website www.cartridgeanneal.com.   We also offer the case holder with a wood turning knob pinned sepatately for those already having our Anneal-Rite.  If you have any questions, call us, 479-629-5566, 9am to 9pm central time Mon-Sat.  If the line is busy leave a message we will call back.  Thanks very much for considering our firm for your cartridge case neck annealing needs.  

Tom Wilson                                                                                                                                      9-1-23©  

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