Brass Case Neck Annealing is incredibly beneficial, increasing brass life & improve accuracy.  The correct method is to quickly heat the neck to at least 700°F but no more than 800°F then allow it to cool.  It’s acceptable to water cool the brass but this doesn’t affect annealing in any way, the modern method is to let brass air cool; as brass manufacturers do.  If annealing isn’t done correctly benefits are nullified, too cool and you don’t remove work-hardened stresses, too hot and the brass is too soft resulting in collapsed shoulders and scrap brass when resized.  Every Anneal-Rite brass annealing machine comes with a 2 oz. bottle of 750°F Tempilaq heat indicating fluid, it’s guaranteed accurate to + – 7  1/2°F for perfect temperature control.  Just brush a small dab inside the case neck, when the color changes to black, you’re at 750°F.  Do the job right with the ANNEAL-RITE, perfect results are guaranteed!

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