Being an ammo reloader you’ve considered case neck annealing in the past but had some trepidation. Judging brass annealing temperature by color is just a wild guess. Without case annealing they usually fail with a split neck after 5 to 7 firings. A benchrest shooter set a 600 yard 5 shot group record of .861” and he anneals his brass after each firing, it was the 58th this brass was fired. It is an established fact; proper case neck annealing extends case life and improves accuracy.

The Anneal-Rite is guaranteed to produce perfect brass case neck annealing at 750° F. every time, processing 500 to 600 cases per hour twice as fast as the $1,600.00 induction case annealer, at a fraction of the cost. Do the job right with the Anneal-Rite.

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