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Annealing brass helps attain better accuracy and extend brass life, removing work hardening stresses from repeated reloading. The fastest, most accurate method is annealing with propane torches. Improper annealing either too low or too high heat can cause problems. Heat too low and the work hardening stresses are not removed.  Heat too high and the brass shoulder area on bottleneck cases will collapse when even just neck sized ruining the brass.  Also one shooter reported his over annealed, too soft, brass had a case where the neck fused itself into the chamber of his firearm.  He reported it took a lot of work to remove the stuck brass that ripped off of the case neck when he was finally able to remove the case.  

In this post, we will answer a few of the most common questions people have about annealing brass:

What Temperature Do You Anneal Brass?

A major brass manufacture stated 700° F. to be the low and 800° F. the highest temperature for brass case neck annealing.  This is the reason we furnish 750° F Tempilaq heat indicating fluid with every Anneal-Rite unit we sell. 

What Exactly Is the Purpose of Annealing Brass?

Repeated reloading cartridge brass work hardens the neck making it brittle. After about 5 to 7 firings the case necks will begin to fail by splitting.. Annealing removes the stresses incurred in the neck area. If you take a paper clip and bend it repeatedly it will break in the bend area, this is exactly what happens with cartridge brass cases.

But what exactly is annealing? In a nutshell, annealing is a heat treatment process that changes the microstructure of the metal, making it more ductile and less brittle. In cartridge brass this extends its life and improves accuracy.

To anneal brass, you first need to heat it to a specific temperature 700° F. to 800° F. the optimum being 750° F. Once the brass is heated, let it air cool, nothing is gained from quenching it in water.  .

There are several things that you might want to try if you want to anneal brass, the most efficient method is a propane torch. This is where the Anneal-Rite unit is most efficient annealing 500 to 600 cases per hour which is twice as fast as annealing brass with an electric induction unit..

Once you’ve annealed the brass, you’ll notice the neck is more malleable. This affords uniform bullet tension aiding accuracy. A bench rest shooter several years ago was the first to have a 5 shot 600-yard record target less than 1” & it was the 58th. time he fired that brass.  He stated he annealed his brass after every firing. Obviously, his bench rest rifle had a custom cut tight chamber.  We have some .308 Win. cases annealed after next firing, this brass will have been reloaded 21 times each. This bras is annealed after each firing & they are fired in a standard chamber where they expand .011” every firing. These cases are still in good shape and going strong. They are neck sized after each firing and have been full length sized just once, trimmed when needed.  So 50 cases delivering over 1,000 shots is the result with these.  

Will Annealing Improve Accuracy?

Annealing is one important step to improving accuracy.  There are many factors controlling accuracy attention to detail and precise in all reloading steps and firing the ammo in a quality firearm are required.

What Does Annealing Do to Brass?

Annealing makes it more ductile so the material deforms to the interior of the chamber under stress without failing.  Brittle brass on the other hand after repeated firings will fail normally with a neck crack. Annealing increases the ductility of brass by rearranging the crystal structure of the metal, making it more flexible. 


Enterprise Services, LLC. offers ANNEAL-RITE, the best annealing machine you can use – one that guarantees perfect results on every case. Get your annealing machine today www.cartridgeanneal.com if you have questions call 649-629-5566 Mon -Sat. 9am to 9pm!