In 2008 I had about 1000 7.62mm X 51 military cases, some from match rifles, others from machine guns all needing neck annealing. Shopping around revealed annealers from $500.00 to over $800.00 this was way over budget for a device performing only one function. Having tool & die design background work began for a practical, fast, & affordable case neck annealer.  As a result the Anneal-Rite was designed, it is reasonable  safe & fast you can anneal at the rate of 500 to 600 cases per hour.  My wife, after observing has no problem using the Anneal-Rite, her mechanical ability is pretty much limited to using a pliers and screwdriver. Each unit comes with easy-to-follow instructions, thousands sold worldwide. Anneal-Rite comes with a money back guarantee with over 99.5% customer satisfaction.

See product demonstration video at or call (479) 629-5566 for information.

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