CARTRIDGE CASE SPINNER - Available for rifle cases 

.22, 6mm, .25, 6.5mm, 7mm, .30, .338 and .45 

.22 shown at far left and .45 on far right.  Made from premium tool steel.  Use with your drill press or power hand drill, turn at 500 to 700 RPM.  Cases inserted & removed with this tool spinning.  Efficient and thorough - quickly polish entire outside of case, incl; head, extraction groove.  While case is spinning the primer pocket can be cleaned with any brand pocket cleaning tool.  10 spare "O" rings incl.  00000 Steel wool & 3m Superfine pad recommended optionally available   at shopping cart.  Each spinner works with a very wide selection of cases within the caliber size.  Total specs for all sizes at our shopping cart.

To assure the best results mail us 6 of your fired cases, not resized, we will select the proper outside diameter of the "O" ring for the very best results. 

Enterprise Services, LLC. 

PO Box 180994 ~ Fort Smith, AR 72918 ~ 479.629.5566  9 am to 9 pm Mon-Sat.

Cartridge Case Organizer II

This handy rack holds 150 .308 Win. cases (cases not incl). Speeds annealing & volume reloading.  Not caliber specific, holds all cases from .40 S&W pistol to .50 BMG.   A great bench addition, eliminates chasing cases. One @ $14.95, Two or more $28.00 ea.