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Annealing, most cartridge reloaders have heard about it, some do it successfully and sadly some who have tried have receivedreally bad information resulting in failed results.  Proper annealing is guaranteed when using the Anneal-Rite unit as it is supplied with 750 Deg. F. Tempilaq.  A very small dab of this liquid is brushes into the case heck.  When the case neck is heated and it changes color from aqua blue to black you are at exactly 750 deg.  Tempilaq is guaranteed accurate to plus or minus 7  1/2 degrees F .  Quality brass is expensive with .308 Win. at over $1.00 each and .338 Lapua going for around $3.35 ea. delivered.  It makes very good sense to make your brass last as long as possible, proper annealing absolutely extend brass life.  

Many competition shooters fire hundreds or thousands of reloads per year and absolutely know the value of correct brass annealing.

Learn more about this system in the sections below.

Explaining Annealing

Repeated firing and reloading brass work hardens the neck of the case  The brass in your cartridge case necks needs to be annealed to remove the stresses returning it to the proper ductility.  

The head of a case (end with primer) must never be annealed, just the neck and a little down the shoulder on bottleneck cases.  Cartridge cases leave the factory with the case head fairly hard compared to the neck, this is.  accomplish from work hardening in case forming by the manufacturer.  

Any case that has had the head annealed must be destroyed and chucked into the scrap brass pile.  An annealed head can fail when fired allowing 50,000 to 55,000 PSI gas pressure to escape.  This can damage the firearm and possibly injure the user.  

Recognizing Why Annealing Is Beneficial

There are two benefits to annealing when done properly. The first is greatly extending case life. The second is improved accuracy because the optimum neck tension to bullet is consistent shot to shot.  . 

Brass is a great heat conductor. Therefore, it’s essential to quickly heat necks with strong propane flames with a heat sink of some kind at the base to keep it below 482 Deg. F. the starting point of annealing.  The goal is to anneal the neck and not the base.

Nickel plated cases can be annealed like any other.  Proper temperature control is still obtained with the use of 750 Deg. F. Tempilaq.  




If you’re looking for a high-quality cartridge case neck annealer you will find that at Enterprise Services, LLC its the Anneal-Rite.  This is a well built unit using 14 ga. steel components, affordable, cones standard with 750 deg. F. Tempilaq, postpaid to your door with a money back guarantee.  If you have questions call 479-629-5566 Mon-Sat 9 am to 9 pm