Q.   Which propane bottles should I use?

A.   Only the short squat bottles measuring about 4” diameter X 8” tall holding about 1 lb.  Never attempt to use the tall skinny bottles 10” to 11” tall, when they are 70 to 80% empty they are top heavy and will fall out when lit. 

Q.  Should I anneal before or after cleaning my cases?

A.  This is a matter of  choice,  If you polish your cases and then anneal them, in time, the annealing patina will develop in the neck area.  If  you polished or clean your brass after annealing the patina will never develop.

Q. What torch heads should I use?

A.  We recommend the BernzOmatic torches, available at our shopping cart.  Any brand is ok that has a          torch head about 1/2" diameter producing a pencil flame, avoid tips producing a spreader flame.  Do not      use excessively long torches, our torches when installed on the propane cylinders measure about 12          1/4" when the assembly is stood up vertically.

Q.  How do I get the Tempilaq out of my case after it has been annealed?

A.  Rubbing alcohol, place your cases neck down in a shallow bath of 50/50 to 90% rubbing alcohol, soak          1  to  2 minutes, use a bore brush 1 size larger than caliber, it will brush out easily.  Alcohol is flammable       do not have it present anywhere near a flame or ignition source.

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Q.  Should I anneal before or after case sizing?

A.  I deprime all cases and then anneal them.  My feeling is if any  heat warp occurred during annealing  this would be corrected by resizing.

Q.  How many times can I expect to fire my annealed cases.

A.  Tough question, depends if you full length or neck size, how much larger is your chamber compared to  your resized cases, the quality of your brass, the power of the reloads.  A bench rest shooter set a record at 600 Meters using cases he anneals after every firing, it was the 58 time those cases were fired.  Obviously he had a very tight chamber neck and worked the brass minimally, to launch the projectile out 600 Meters his loads were certainly not low powered.

Q.  I just annealed come cases and do not see the tell-tale sign of the darkened brass on the neck, was           annealing accomplished?

A.  The darkening of the brass is oxidation, if cases are polished first and then annealed this will                 appear in time.  If cases are annealed and then polished the annealing patina will never appear.

Q.  What cartridge case holders do I need for the cases I use?

A.  Click CTG. CASE HOLDER LIST.  Our holders, 1 through 10 accommodate more than 97% of the 484         cases listed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   A customer wrote!  I am considering your system for annealing case necks. You recommend 750 degrees for annealing, other vendors and web sites recommend 650 degrees.  Can you elaborate on the correct/best temperature. I don't want to ruin a bunch of expensive cases.      Robert G.

A.   The research I have done with  cartridge brass manufacturers as well as metallurgists recommend minimum of 700 and max. of 800 Deg. F. on the case neck.  This is why we use 750 deg. F. Tempilaq as it is right in the middle of the proper range.  Tempilaq is guaranteed accurate to plus or minus one percent this is a total spread of just 15 deg. F.  I have annealed many thousands of cases at this temperature and have had excellent results.

Robert G. Response - Thank you very much for the clarification.  I'll be placing an order soon.

Robert ordered our Anneal-Rite and is now one of our 2,000 plus satisfied customer!