Anneal-Rite affords annealing case necks at 750 F. and not  the case head.  A .308 Win. case has only 5% of its weight in the neck.  When heated quickly and removed from the flame there is 95% of the brass dissipating the heat, which is being absorbed by the aluminum cartridge case holder.  This prevents case head annealing.


Rimmed Case Headspace Measurement


Ultimate Cartridge Check System 
Tempilaq®, 2 Oz. Bottle, ​750 Deg.
Tempilaq®, 2 Oz. Bottle, ​Thinner
Tempilaq®, 2 Oz. Bottle, ​450 Deg.
Cartridge Case Organizer II
Anneal-Rite Machine II

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Anneal 500 to 600 cases per hour @750 F - CONSISTENT - FAST - PERFECT.  Improves accuracy, extends case life.  Anneal-Rite Includes; base stand, two propane bottle holders, one 750 F. bottle of Tempilaq© heat indicating liquid, cartridge case holder, wood turning knob & axle.  CLICK CARTRIDGE CASE HOLDER LIST BUTTON for selections.  Propane torches optionally available. For additional information email or call (479) 629-5566. 

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ANNEAL-RITE II Cartridge case annealing unit from $98.00

Digital Indicator & Contact Points
Cartridge Overall ​Length
Cartridge ​Case ​Length