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                                                                                       CARTRIDGE BRASS ANNEALING

Why anneal?  Two reasons, first to extend the life of your brass and second to obtain improved accuracy resulting from uniform case neck tension on the bullet.  Without cartridge case annealing rifle brass will normally last 5 to 8 firings then fail from a cracked neck or show sign of imminent failure with visual inspection of the neck or shoulder.  Cartridge case annealing is a simple and safe process using the Anneal-Rite system.  To anneal the case neck is quickly heat to at least 700 but not over 800 degrees F.  The case is removed from the heat and allowed to cool.  This must be done quickly to avoid annealing the case head.  A bottle of 750-degree F. Tempilaq© heat indicating liquid is provided, using this guarantees accurate temperature control to within + -  7 ½ deg. F of the 750 desired  temperature.  As an example a .308 Winchester© case has only 5% weight in the neck.  When heated quickly and removed from the flame 95% of the brass is dissipating the heat, which is being absorbed by the Anneal-Rite aluminum cartridge case holder preventing case head annealing.  The Anneal-Rite unit can even successfully anneal cases as small as .40 S&W pistol without annealing the case head.  We have often been asked how often should I anneal my cases?  This depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  If you want to extend case life and are firing loads close to maximum, after 2 shots.  For medium to mild loads not over 3 shots.  Those wanting optimum accuracy should anneal after every shot.


Using the Anneal-Rite you can properly anneal 500 to 600 cases per hour at 750 F.  CONSISTENT - FAST - PERFECT.  Anneal-Rite Includes; base stand, two propane bottle holders, one 750 F. bottle of Tempilaq© heat indicating liquid, one cartridge case holder you choose, CLICK CARTRIDGE CASE HOLDER BUTTON for selections.  Wood turning knob and axle complete the unit.  BernzOmatic propane torches optionally available. For additional information email info@cartridgeanneal.com or call (479) 629-5566.

Spin polish 100% of exterior of case including case head,  extraction groove and primer pocket without stopping you'er turning motor.  Scotchbrite ultra fine pads and 00000 steel wool optionally available. 

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Rimmed Case Headspace Measurement


ANNEAL-RITE II Cartridge case annealing unit from $98.00

Digital Indicator & Contact Points
Ultimate Cartridge Check System 
Cartridge Overall ​Length
Cartridge ​Case ​Length 
Tempilaq®, 2 Oz. Bottle, ​750 Deg.
Tempilaq®, 2 Oz. Bottle, ​450 Deg.
Cartridge Case Organizer II
Anneal-Rite Machine II

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