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Includes: base stand, two propane bottle holders, one 750 Deg. F. bottle of Tempilaq© heat indicating liquid & wooden turning knob w/axle..  Customer must order cartridge case holders desired, click for selections

Practical - Affordable - Efficient  - Anneal 500 - 600 cases per hour at the proper temperature of 750 deg. F. The Anneal-Rite is an efficient and reasonable unit to properly anneal cartridge cases for optimum accuracy and case life. Detailed instructions included.   If additional information needed email info@cartridgeanneal.com or call (479) 629-5566.  Propane torches & cylinders, brass & towel not included.


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(479) 629-5566 or e-mail info@cartridgeanneal.com

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Anneal-Rite Machine II
Cartridge Case Holders
Cartridge Case Organizer II
Tempilaq®, 2 Oz. Bottle, ​450 Deg.
Tempilaq®, 2 Oz. Bottle, ​Thinner
Tempilaq®, 2 Oz. Bottle, ​750 Deg.
Cartridge ​Case ​Length 
Cartridge Overall ​Length
Ultimate Cartridge Check System 
Primer Seating ​Depth
Bullet Total Indicated Runout
Neck Total Indicated Runout
Check For Imminent
​Case Head Separation
Case Wall
​Linear Variance
Bullet Meplat ​Uniformity
Bullet Ogive ​Check
Extraction Groove T. I. R. 
Rim Total ​Indicated Runout
Digital Indicator & Contact Points
Rimmed Case Headspace Measurement
Shoulder Bump ​Check
 Case Spinners 6mm to .45 

ANNEAL-RITE II Cartridge case annealing unit from $98.00